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Since 2011, New York Heartwoods (NYH) have been leaders in the regenerative wood products industry. We have milled tens of thousands of board feet of lumber from local fallen and urban trees to create our solid hardwood furniture, high-value building materials and green retail displays. 

We have worked in the wake of storms with municipalities, tree services and landowners in our community to reclaim hundreds of logs that would otherwise become landfill, mulch or firewood. 

Forest stressors are increasing, inspiring us to upcycle as many waste trees as possible in order to preserve the ones that are healthy. To minimize our carbon footprint, we source logs as locally as possible - most traveling less than 18 miles before being milled. Our lumber is air dried to be 20% moisture content or less before kiln drying it to 6-8%, making it stable and ideal for furniture and building materials. 

NYH is a woman-owned business. A percentage of our profits goes towards forest conservation and urban reforestation.