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“I despair at the idea of this great tree just being chipped.
I would love for this tree to have a second life.”
- MJ Wilson
We all have a memory of a time when a tree spoke to us in some way – climbing trees as a child, the calming nature of an oak seen out a window, the magic of the forest driving up a winding road. We honor these generous and intelligent beings and all that they do to teach us about love and strength as we make our livelihood in the wood products industry.
New York Heartwoods consciously produces lumber, live-edge slabs, custom furniture and retail displays, paneling (Dec ’15) and other architectural elements from fallen, distressed and urban trees.  The Menominee tradition of working co-creatively with nature inspires our mission: to assess the greatest potential of underutilized forest resources and make materials that honor the life of each tree. Located in Kingston, NY, NYH benefits from the Hudson Valley’s rich forest diversity and offers native species such as walnut, cherry, maple, ash, oak, black locust and more. Our Kingston showroom is open by appointment.
Contact us at or (845) 853-8339
Your monetary contributions will plant trees and protect our forests: