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“I despair at the idea of this great tree just being chipped.
I would love for this tree to have a second life.”
- MJ Wilson
New York Heartwoods produces artisanal and custom wood products from local ‘waste’ trees for designers, woodworkers, makers and retailers. Located in Warwick, NY, NYH benefits from the Hudson Valley’s rich forest diversity and offers native species such as walnut, cherry, maple, ash, oak, black locust and more at competitive prices. Our Kingston showroom is open by appointment.NYH’s quality lumber, live-edge slabs and custom products are the result of the passionate pursuit of our mission: to regenerate the ecological and economic health of our region by maximizing the value in underutilized forest resources. NYH works to create solutions for pressing environmental challenges by collaborating with municipalities, landowners and tree services in the region to reclaim usable sawlogs. Utilizing this material for local, sustainable wood products reduces wood disposal fees, redirects ‘waste’ from landfills, and grows jobs for regional timber harvesters, processors, and woodworkers.

As part of our mission, New York Heartwoods is proud to provide educational opportunities for those interested in sustainable forest management and wood processing. Please contact us for details.

We thank you for your interest in, and contributions to, our wood utilization efforts! Your participation makes a difference in the preservation of our local and global forests.

Contact us at or (845) 986-9462
Your monetary contributions support our commitment to preserving our forests: