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Beautiful, Purposeful, and Impactful

Fine Furniture and Custom Designs


Design with Benefits

New York Heartwoods creates timeless, lasting wood furniture and custom designs that capture the beauty and history of the Hudson Valley's urban forests. By using wood from storm-downed and urban trees and making timeless, lasting designs, we make objects so that trees can grow.

Made with care

Every piece we make is meticulously crafted to highlight the unique features of the wood we use. Whether made from our clients’ own trees or from our inventory of lumber and slabs, everything we make is one of a kind due to its origin story. We work closely with our clients to create pieces that they will cherish.

focused on the future

To continue the cycle of life that makes our work possible, we donate to forest conservation and urban forestry programs. We aim to produce zero waste - donating our wood scraps to a local wood fired bread maker and sawdust to farmers and pit firing ceramicists - and plant more trees than we use.



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